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In love with Oil

We believe in the miracle of nature to help us to have a better healthy life.

History of Moringa Oil

The Romans and Greeks used this edible oil extracted from the seeds for skin lotions, ointments, and perfumes. In Egypt, Moringa oil was used for protecting the skin against the ravages of sun, sand, and dust during the long travels in the desert. Perhaps this is the reason why people in these countries are admired for their radiant and youthful-looking skin. 

Benefits of Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil helps in cleansing, nourishing, and nurturing your skin naturally. It is often compared to other oils like Olive oil and Argan oil; however, Moringa Oil stands out due to its unique composition. 

  • It provides a protective barrier for your skin
  • Repairs skin from damage caused by pollution
  • It works as an anti-aging oil
  • It brings out the natural glow of your skin
  • It fights acne, helps in getting rid of dark spots:
  • It cleanses and rejuvenates your skin:
  • It nourishes dry skin
  • It provides relief from pain and helps in relaxation



  • Moringa Face Serum is purely 100% natural personal care product made from single ingredient, which is Moringa Oil, no synthetic ingredients added
  • Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle. Moringa Oil is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, cytokinins, zeatin that helps to maintain the youthness of skin
  • Anti inflammation, anti bacterial, anti fungi. Moringa Oil helps reduce acne, scars, blemish, spot
  • Moringa Oil contains unique fatty acid called the behenic acid, this is not found in other common plants, behenic acid provides protective barrier against the environment, also responsible for the soothing and moisturizing properties of moringa oil
  • Moringa Oil absorb deeply into skin, no sticky oily feeling afterwards (make sure skin is not wet when applied)
  • Moringa Oil is stable and resistant to oxidation so no preservative need to be added, shelf life is 3 years and above